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**ATTENTION** The Pokémon Showdown forum is undergoing heavy maintenance and complete revamp. This site WILL still be going during the revamp, but small and/or critical changes are to be expected at any moment. If you have any suggestions, PM Maccyrp or Sergievrpl21. Make sure to check the forums often for updates.

People in the tourney

Sergielvrpl21 pokefan2543 ty9898 sinisterecho98 ode

Point system

Here are how many points are gained for finishing a battle:

- Finish a battle without victory: 2 points for participation (DCing grants no points)

- Draw: 5 points for both player

- Victory against any member: 10 points

- Victory against a gym leader: 50 points

- Victory against an elite: 100 points

All battles must be posted in a forum topic to keep track of your battle results and points to avoid cheating to get extra points. Any battle done before the point system was implemented will grant no points.

    Macsterstudios ^_^


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    Macsterstudios ^_^ Empty Macsterstudios ^_^

    Post  Macsterstudios on Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:14 pm

    Hello, I'm Macsterstudios, and joined July 20th.

    I mostly helped revamping the site and changing most of its look. I changed the colours, added tons of widgets, started the project of bringing the place back alive, made a new banner, created the council for votes, made the chat, picked mods... holy shit I did alot ^^"

    Well anyway, I'm just here to have fun. The reason I'm working so hard to get this place going is because I've always been craving to have a good place where people come to have fun (Like what Aura Masters and Pokémon Center used to be... too bad they died), and in order to achieve that I'll do everything needed and will do it with a smile ^^

    You could consider me as the creator, but the actualy creator of the site is Sergielvrpl21, millions of thanks to him for letting me administrate here by the way.

    I'll also be trying me best to contribuate alot to the site, feeding people with guides, fanfictions, arts, polls and suggestions to make the place better and lively!

    I also enjoy battling in gen5, don't esitate to hit me up in the chat for a battle. Smile

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