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People in the tourney

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Point system

Here are how many points are gained for finishing a battle:

- Finish a battle without victory: 2 points for participation (DCing grants no points)

- Draw: 5 points for both player

- Victory against any member: 10 points

- Victory against a gym leader: 50 points

- Victory against an elite: 100 points

All battles must be posted in a forum topic to keep track of your battle results and points to avoid cheating to get extra points. Any battle done before the point system was implemented will grant no points.

    Rules for battles


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    Rules for battles Empty Rules for battles

    Post  Macsterstudios on Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:35 pm

    Those are the common rules for battles. For the sake of fair play and to allow everyone to enjoy the battles, we stress that you comply to these rules during battles. If a Gym Leader, champion or Elite is found to break the rules, he/she might lose his spot. Also, breaking these rules will make you disqualified out of a tournament battle.

    1- No Abusive Hacks, in other words, do not use hacks to allow pokémon to do things they couldn't do normaly, such as learning moves they usualy can't learn or to move their stat above the limit. Use of devices such as Action Replay and Pokégen are OK as long as they don't make the game unfair. For exemple, using such devices to make training faster is fine.

    2- We use Sleep Clause and Evasion clause. Meaning you cannot make more than one of the oponent's pokémon asleep (if one of your pokémon is asleep you can still use self-sleep-inducing moves), and you may not use moves that modify Accuracy or Evasion (the abilities like Sand Veil are still allowed though, but bright powder is not). If you wish to add or remove clauses for one of your battles, make sure to discuss it BEFORE you begin your battle and that your oponent agrees.

    3- No Ubers. We will work on our own tiers, but in the meantime use smogon tiers (though Blaziken is tolerated here). No tier-specific battles will be made until we have our own tiers finished. If you wish to make a battle with Ubers, make sure to discuss it BEFORE you begin your battle and that your oponent agrees.

    4- No luck items. Items that rely on luck like Focus Band, Bright Powder and Quick Claw are forbiden.

    5- Species clause. You can't have twice the same species of pokémon in your team. For exemple, you cannot have two latios in your team even if they would have different moves. This also counts for pokémon of the same evolution line (for exemple, you can't have both Chansey and Blissey in your team).

    6- No DC. You may not close your system on purpose to finish a battle. Even if you are losing, either finish the battle, or use the run command (which ends the battle). This will allow members to keep battle results on their games.

    7- No SkarmBliss. The pairing of Skarmory and Blissey (or Chansey for gen5) in the same team is considered overpowered, and they will both be considered Uber (thus illegal here) if they are used in the same team. Using Skarmory without Blissey and vice versa is allowed.

    8- Respect other people. Don't diss people because you won, or don't harass people that defeated you. Also, if people wish to keep their strategy secret, we encourage you not to say their strategies out and loud in the public chat.

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