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People in the tourney

Sergielvrpl21 pokefan2543 ty9898 sinisterecho98 ode

Point system

Here are how many points are gained for finishing a battle:

- Finish a battle without victory: 2 points for participation (DCing grants no points)

- Draw: 5 points for both player

- Victory against any member: 10 points

- Victory against a gym leader: 50 points

- Victory against an elite: 100 points

All battles must be posted in a forum topic to keep track of your battle results and points to avoid cheating to get extra points. Any battle done before the point system was implemented will grant no points.

    Should We Change The Banner?


    Should we change the banner?

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    Should We Change The Banner? Empty Should We Change The Banner?

    Post  Oak on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:34 am

    Well it's a poll

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