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    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season One: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Prologue


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     A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season One: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Prologue Empty A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season One: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Prologue

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    WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This series contain strong mature material, including intense violence, shocking scenes and may also contain very suggestive themes. If such things would not be appropriate for you, please refrain from reading this series, nobody's forcing you, its your own choice. While this series is created by me, it is based on the series Pokémon, which belongs to Creatures Inc., Game Freak, and Nintendo. This series is fan-based and is not intended for commerical purpose. I do not claim any rights on the Pokémon franchise itself. I do NOT authorize anyone to make work (may it be a text or artwork) based upon this series (for exemple, using the plot concept or the original characters) UNLESS they get clear authorization from me beforehand. If you want to contribute to this series, please ask me beforehand, I would be glad to accept help. If you want to show this to others, give them the link and make it clear that I'm the author: don't claim its your own. Stealing isn't cool. Thank you.

    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate
    Season One: When your dream becomes your nightmare


    Five years ago.
    PHA official research lab Bravo-Lima-23.
    Somewhere in Sinnoh.
    Exact location: Confidential
    Status: Operational

    "Report in scientist."
    The man's husky voice echoed hollowly in the decripit dark room. The dim sunlights faintly bursted out of the windows, poking out between the wooden planks serving as barridcades on the windows. The laboratory was disguised as an old abandoned house. Along with the cracks in the barricades and the computer screens inside the lab, the cells containing a strange redish shiny liquid where the sole source of light. A young man spun around, wearing a long white jacket with the logo PHA written in black on his back. He was holding what looked like a calculator, which was in fact a high-tec handheld computer. It had a tactile screen and a stylus, which was in the man's other hand. He was taking a few notes before he heard the voice. His thick glasses reflected at the dim light as he faced the old man.
    "The BloodLust-X1 Project is still in progress sir"
    The old man looked around, slowly. His long white hair reaching his shoulders, yet his forehead didn't have anything, which revealed his old age. He was wearing the same outfit as the young man, but with a gold badge on it, with the words ALBERT JOHNSON, HEAD SCIENTIST, engraved on it.
    "Good, good. Did you observe the specimens like I told you to?"
    He said in a faint tone. His voice sounded wicked
    The man nodded. Pointing at the cells nearby. They where containing Pokémons, many of them with an unusual gleamy-red eye coloration, not all of them still alive though.
    "Casey, bring me my other notebook"
    A young woman, who seemed to be the scientist's assistant, stood up from her chair and grabbed a pile of paper with notes scribbled all over them. She quickly handed them over, as if she would be in trouble if she wouldn't. He grabbed the notes, not even giving her a look.
    "Your suspicions about the psycological contagion methods of the BL-X1 virus where correct Mr. Johnson, and so far it also seems its the only way to transmit it from an individual to another. The v-"
    The old man putted his hand in front of him, stopping the man.
    "Please! Please! Don't call it a mere virus. Can't you see this is going to change the world? Scientists all around the world where always intrigued about the evolution of Pokémon as their stage of life, but they didn't realize they should have made researches on another type of evolution; the development of the species itself, newer and stronger generations outmatching the others. What we are doing here is going to revolutionize the world! Making a new era! The world we see right now outdated, destinated to its own destruction if it stays as it is. What are doing here is saving this world, viruses only make it worse"
    He replied in a decisive tone.
    "B-but sir, the BL-X1 is a biological entity needing other cells of a living entity to survive. Technicaly talking, it is a virus"
    The old man sighed.
    "Fine, call it whatever you want. Just don't disapoint me. You told me about the psycological contagion, tell me more"
    The young man nodded and pointed the leftmost cell.

    In there was a machop, which was enchained on the wall. It seemed excesively agressive, throwing wild punches trying to break the chains. His eyes where gleaming in a red tone. Though a Machop's eyes where suposed to be red, they wheren't suposed to be glowing in a blood-red colour, which was the case for this one. In front of him where sitting a Ralts and a Riolu. They looked in trance, not moving a inch.
    "As you can see, it seems Pokémon with psychic abilities that allows them to sense feelings or auras seem to be affected by the highly agressive nature of the hosts of the BL-X1. It seems that their brains become corrupted, and at the phase of utter corruption it starts producing BL-X1 specimens inside the system by its own."
    The old man let out a wicked laugh. He sounded like a psychopath.
    "Excelent! Excelent! We finaly managed to find a way to spread it. Have we found a way to make it so the body wouldn't be able to kill it?"
    The man noded and pointed a microscope
    "We managed to extract a part of the HIV virus, allowing the BL-X1 to mutate as fast, making it impossible for the body to create any antibodies, though this leaded to an unexpected side-effect affection only humans. Their bloodlust's intensity keeps growing, and they somehow gain suicidal thoughts. Pokémon with the BL-X1 may not harm someone they are close to, but humans will find their brains corrupted slightly making them lose their sanity at a chronic degree."
    The old man remained silent for a moment.
    "Well, at least there is some positive, so I supose its acceptable. Now, care to explain me again how the virus works?"
    "But... sir... you're the one that made-"
    As he saw the old man's expression slowly turning to anger, he ended his phrase and did as the man asked.
    "Right. The BL-X1 allows the host to use willpower to produce Effort Values by its own, and breaks the limits of Effort Values possible, allowing the hosts to outmatch the limits of power that a normal pokémon would, which according to researches of scientist are about 510 for a normal pokémon. The virus allows the hosts to reach Bloodlust states, in which the EV production is even higher, and the Individual values are temporarily all setted the a power level of 93, the triple of the maximum potential recorded."

    The old man laughed wickedly. The words felt like magic to his ears.
    "Good, good. Keep up the good work, and remember not to let any information about the BL-X1 or this location be known. Many would try to get a sample of it."
    He pointed at what looked like a safe.
    "And if they do come here, don't tell them the password for the safe. Its where the samples are stored, though you where probably aware of that."
    The three scientists in the room froze at the sound of footsteps.
    "Somebody found us!"
    Said the scientists assistant.
    "QUIET! They might only be wild pokémon passing by. Don't make a noise"
    Said the young scientist, watching the front door carefully. It was wooden and worn out, like the rest of the house's exterior, even though the inside was pretty sophisticated, to give somewhat of a cover to the lab. The old man slowly walked to a metal door which was behind him, pressing on the keys of a digital lock, ready to open the door at any second.
    They all watched the door for a long minute, which seemed like hours. A tense silence filled the room. Even the Machop in the examination cell stopped struggling in his chains. The young scientist let out a sigh of relief.
    "Looks like they're gone..."

    As the young man finished his phrase, the sound of a shotgun firing broke the silence. As the wooden front door busted into sharpnels, the old man who was in front of a door on the other end of the room pressed a button, locking all of the examination cells with a metal door and opening the door that was front of him. Three tough-looking men entered the room, all wearing biker jackets with three letters their backs. One of them was wielding the shotgun, while the taller one, who was having a short brown haircut, while the two others where bald, was holding a revolver, with the hammer cocked, ready to be fired. A feminine-looking looking Kirlia was behind the man with the revolver. The third man was standing behind the others, with a baseball bat in his hands, and was smaller than the others. The man with the shotgun took a step forward, smirking at the terrified look on the face of the young scientist. The old man was nowhere to be found; he had gone into a underground which was linked to the house and closed a metal gate behind him.
    "Well John, seems like we found it, this is where they have that sort of BloodLust project we heard about. One of them seems to have gotten away, should we run after him?"
    The man with the revolver, which seemed to be the John in question, smiled.
    "Nah, no need. We're just here to grab one of those BloodLust samples from those PHA bastards, from what I heard they don't deserve much compation from anyone, so don't hold back if you wanna go nasty. This is what I needed to get my respect back in the gang, over my brother's"
    He pointed his gun toward the assistant.
    "Now enough wasting time, tell me where you hold the samples"
    She and the scientist were frozen in fear. The scared look on the man's face changed for a slightly embarassed one as the air was filled by a putrid odor. John facepalmed, still holding the gun in front of him.
    "Oh please! Can't you try to be even more despicable?"
    He sighed, then went to the girl, leaning in front of her, changing to a friendly tone.
    "Hey there sweetie, I'm John, what's your name?"
    Her face turned into a small blush as she watched the sharp-looking man. Her face gave off what looked like a mix of fear and shyness.
    She answered. She seemed to be a bit relieved by John's new friendly tone.
    "Alright Casey, me and my friends don't have to hurt anyone, we where just passing by and wanted to have some of this Bloodlust thing. All you have to do is tell us where it is, and we wont hurt you"
    "S-sorry... I would... but I can't... I don't even know where it is..."
    John's look changed to a pissed one. He knew she was lying.
    "You see this gun?"
    He showed the revolver, and opened the cylinder. It was loaded with six .45 rounds. He closed it and shoved it inside her mouth.
    "Its loaded and packs enough punch to literaly fuck your brains out of your skull with a single round, now be a nice girl and tell us where it is. No lies this time."
    She shook in terror, taking a few seconds to answer.
    "Its... i-in t-the safe... over there..."
    She pointed a box on a table nearby. John looked at the biker with the bat, who nodded and went to it.
    "Its locked" He said
    John pushed the gun deeper into her mouth, almost in her throat.
    "Now, Casey, tell us the code."
    She let off a tear.
    "I'm sorry... but I can't..."
    John gave her a disapointed look.
    "Too bad."
    The gun's hammer rammed forward, firing a round that splattered the terrified girl's head in pieces, leaving blood stains everywhere along with skull and brain parts. The Kirlia seemed a bit disgusted, but didn't react much to it. John took his gun and pointed it at the scientist, cocking the hammer, readying another round.
    "Alright buddy, now tell me the god damn code. You've saw what we're ready to do, so don't push your luck or that'll be the last thing you'll ever do"
    The scientist tried to look strong, hiding his fear.
    "I'm not gonna tell."
    He said on a decided tone. John gave a look to the Kirlia.
    "Alright Serena, have fun with him."
    The Kirlia smirked at his trainer's phrase. She spoke through telepathy. Her feminie voice sounded hollow, yet somewhat soothing.
    "Gladly, master."
    She raised one of her slender hands and pointed it at the scientist. Her eyes gleamed as her right hand became surrounded by a purple aura. With telepathy, which was in fact the move Psychic, she made the scientist face hit the table in front of him violantly. She made him stand back up. His nose was busted and bleeding, and there was a large scar on his forehead. His glasses where smashed, and some of the glass went into his eyes.
    "Please, be a gentleman and give me what I want"
    As she said so, the man's eyes gleamed purple. She was manipulating his mind.
    "1... 3... 6... 6... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."
    He said in tone that made him sound like he was in trance.
    "Thank you kind sir"
    She sweeped her hand, sending him flying on a wall. A huge smash sound echoed as his face hit the wall, leaving a long stray of blood on it. The hit had killed him. The biker with the bat entered the code and opened the safe. John quickly took a look in it, and grabed the single seryngue that was inside it. There was BL-X1 written on it. He smiled.
    "The BloodLust project, said to allow anyone to break their physical limits. With this nobody will ever be able to stand up to me. May it be some random trainer, the cops, or my brother, they'll all have to bow down to me."
    The man with the shotgun gave him a worried look.
    "John, dude, you sure you wanna go through this? I mean we could just sell this shit and get done with it. I heard it realy fucks your mind up. I know you wanna be though and all, but this probably aint worth all this. We already managed to steal a sample, that should be enough to get your respect back."
    Without listening, he stabbed himself in the arm with the needle, pressing down the liquid into his veins. At first, their wasn't any effect, but then, his eyes started gleaming red, a wicked smile apearing on his face. He started giggling.
    "I can feel it... its growing inside me..."
    The smaller biker putted a hand on John's shoulder.
    "... are you alright man? You seem a bit weird, and what's with the red eyes? Smoked a bit too much?"
    He kept laughing wickedly
    "The power... I can feel it growing in me... its enormous... I must... LET IT OUT!"
    He spun around, grabing the biker's arm and made him hit the ground. His spine broke, letting out a large "crack!". John grinned more as he stomped the biker's face, destroying his skull as if it was an egg.
    "Woah! What the fuck's got into you?!"
    The other biker pointed his weapon at him, pumping it as a shell droped on the ground.
    "The power to kill... as much as I want... it feels so good... I can't stop..."
    John walked toward him, slowly. Panicked, the biker fired his weapon. At his surprise, his target managed to dodge the attack at a crazy speed, in fact he moved so fast he could barely see him.
    "What the hell?"
    Just as the biker finished his phrase, John rammed toward what used to be his friend and punched him in the stomach. The poor victim spited out blood and screamed in pain. John took a knife from his pocket and stabbed him, finishing him off.

    The Kirla said in a terrified tone. She loved her master, and didn't bother him killing people when it was for a purpose, like for those PHA agents, which from what the rumors said, probably deserved worse than what they just did, but what just happened, he just killed two of his friends, which where her friends as well, without having a reason. She thought it was because of what he just took. He looked at her. She started to shake like a leaf. She got to her knees and putted her hands over her head closing her eyes.
    "Please don't kill me!"
    She begged to her master. She heard his footsteps. He was walking toward her. Tears starting pouring from her eyes as she thought her beloved master was about to kill her.
    "I'll do everything you want master... as I always do... don't hurt me... please..."
    He crouched to her, smiling, as his eyes turned back to normal. He whiped some of the tears of her face.
    "Don't be scarred, silly, I'd never hurt you."
    She look into his eyes, and hugged him, still crying, confused about what happened.
    "Then why did you kill them?"
    He took a few seconds before answering.
    "I, hm... don't know... all the suddent I felt like I had to kill... and stronger and faster... then it vanished all at once... lets just not tell anyone about what happened and head back home, okay Serena?"
    She nodded

    "So... it would seem he made it through with the BL-X1... and he has a Pokémon sensitive to it with him..."
    The old man smirked as he looked at a computer screen which was connected to a camera in the lab. He watched to whole scene, enjoying all of it.
    "Well, it seems this wont be a loss at all, in fact we'll get a live specimen on the field, without having to get a PHA agent involved directly..."
    He laughed wickedly
    "We'll just have to keep an eye on this man. I think I recognize him... John Riley... local thug from Eterna City. Seems like this will be a very interesting twist to the project..."

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    It's epic. and skirry. :3

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