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    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter one: Your fate is the hard way


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    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter one: Your fate is the hard way Empty A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter one: Your fate is the hard way

    Post  Macsterstudios on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:09 pm

    ATBSF S1C1
    WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This series contain strong mature material, including intense violence, shocking scenes and may also contain very suggestive themes. If such things would not be appropriate for you, please refrain from reading this series, nobody's forcing you, its your own choice. While this series is created by me, it is based on the series Pokémon, which belongs to Creatures Inc., Game Freak, and Nintendo. This series is fan-based and is not intended for commerical purpose. I do not claim any rights on the Pokémon franchise itself. I do NOT authorize anyone to make work (may it be a text or artwork) based upon this series (for exemple, using the plot concept or the original characters) UNLESS they get clear authorization from me beforehand. If you want to contribute to this series, please ask me beforehand, I would be glad to accept help. If you want to show this to others, give them the link and make it clear that I'm the author: don't claim its your own. Stealing isn't cool. Thank you.

    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate
    Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare
    Chapter one: Your fate is the hard way

    «As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way.» - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

    Present day, early autumn

    "Do we have anything else about the recent events concerning those unexplained murders? Is there any suspects?"
    The cheap TV's sound echoed harshly in the small residence. Conor was sitting on front of it on the couch, with nothing to eat but a box of crackers. He was a 16 year old boy living on his own with a miserable life. The TV was set to a news channel, a young woman, a reporter, was asking questions to a police officier.
    "Well from what we seem its obvious it was done by an human, but no human would have the required strength to do what we witnessed."
    The reporter looked confused.
    "But you told us earlier the man that was saw had a Pokémon with him."
    "Indeed, though the pokémon would be a psychic type, what we saw was obvious physical damage: blunt trauma, stabbing with blades, and other things you'd never see a Psychic pokémon doing."
    "So... you're telling that it is a human, but with a strength comparable to a pokémon that did this?"

    Conor closed the TV's screen from the remote. He sighed and went to his room. As the TV was closed, the sounds of his footstep in the mediocre house were the only sounds to be heard, nobody else was around. He went to his room and sat on the side of his bed. He took a picture in his hand showing a man and woman. He stared at it with a look of sadness.
    "Mother, father, its not the first time I'm wondering about this. I know what you wanted me to be, and what you wanted me not to be because of the dangers out there. I can't keep studying, my grades are far bellow what I need to reach to be a pokémon researcher and enter the academy, and I'll end up with a miserable life. The only way I'd get out of this would be to become a trainer, and I know you don't want me to be one because of what happened... but I just don't know anymore..."
    Conor placed the picture back where it was and lied down in his bed. Every time he wasn't sure what to do he was always talking to the picture of his dead parents. He knew they wanted him to be a researcher, and knew that with the way they died they wouldn't want him to be in danger by being a trainer, but it seemed nothing could change that. He was a passionate of battles, everyday he was watching the TV for battles. He was so captivated he knew more about battle strategies than the homework he was supposed to study at school.

    He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. As his vision was fading to black a torrent of images passed through him. He couldn't get them all, but he remembered one of the images he saw. Someone giving him an egg. It wasn't the first time this happened, lately he always kept getting visions, visions of his past, or vision of things that never happened. He happened to think it could be visions of the future, but he wasn't superstitious and thought it was impossible. Somehow every time he had the visions he had an headache. He held his palm to his face for a minute, then lied down again and tried to sleep.


    "Conor, look at the birds!"
    He was standing on the meadows of Mt. Coronet for a picnic with a man and a woman. He couldn't control his body, it was like he was only witnessing something that happened, like watching a movie, but in more real. He felt happy at that time. Just seeing the two adults made his heart warm. There was a migration of Fearow, every year he came to see them. It wasn't usual for this species to do such migrations, but this specific group was an exception. Everything was wonderful, everyone was happy, the view of the landscape on the falling sunset was gorgeous, until all broke together. He could feel it, the feeling that doom was coming, a terrible event that you can't stop. He knew it was here, what it was, and that he was powerless to it. The ground shook under his feet, and then something emerged. A tall beast wearing an armor of pure steal. There was a look of pure anger in its eyes, a pure, brutal and animal rage.
    "Aggron!" the beast roared.
    The woman quickly turned toward Conor
    "Conor run!"
    As she said so, the man stood in front of the Pokémon, trying to take an aggressive stance, he grabbed a pocket knife he always had with him.
    "Back off if you don't want me to get nasty!" he said fiercly, hiding his fear
    "Aggron!" the beast roared again, ignoring the threat.
    The man rushed toward the beast and dug the knife into its left eye. A drip of blood leaked from the eye and the beast groaned in pain. Though the pain only added to its anger. It grabbed to man by the neck and gave him a powerful headbutt. The sound of the skull breaking was terrible to Conor's ears. The only sound of it made a cold chill run through his body.
    "Honey no!" the woman screamed as the man fell lifeless.
    The beast turned toward her. It jumped backward and roared before ramming forward. The beast's horns dug into the woman's chest as she spitted blood.
    "Mommy!" Conor screamed.
    The beast turned toward him now. It shook around to look at its two kills, then back at him. It made a strange cry, as if it was laughing at him, then got back into his cave without more.


    Conor screamed as he woke up in his bed, sweating and breathing heavily. His heart was beating crazily in his chest. He stayed there a few seconds until he calmed down, then fell in tears. He kept having the same nightmare almost every night. The day his parents died, killed by a Pokémon right in front of his eyes. Every time he wanted to be a trainer, this nightmare always discouraged him. He calmed down and fell asleep again. Through his dreams, the vision he had earlier today went back, but this time slower, he could see more, the sounds, he saw the egg again, then he saw a slender shape, something that looked somewhat human.
    "Help me..." it said.
    Then the images rushed again, he couldn't tell anything appart. When everything turned to black, a voice emanated, as if someone was talking to him.
    "You must follow your fate, stop running from it stand on your own way like you should"

    He woke up the next morning with an headache. He got dressed and sat on his bed thinking about the visions. What did they mean? The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was related to being a trainer. The voice he heard at the end made it obvious for him. He needed to stop being afraid, and to start his journey as a trainer. His passion for the battles just made it more obvious. He took a backpack and stuffed anything that could help him in there. Food, medecine, the few money he had, and a fishing net his father gave him. He was planning to head to Sandgem town to meet Prof. Rowan and get his first Pokémon, but if it happened that he wouldn't give him one, he would use the net and try catching one himself. It was risky, but he had no better choice. He took a look at himself in the mirror. He had grown into a man, he was tall, 16 years old, with medium long brown hair. He was able to take care of himself, he didn't need to hide anymore. He putted on a black jacket with a hood, and took his backpack with him.

    As he stepped outside he could feel to cool air of the autumn. It was hard to tell autumn from summer beside the temperature, as Jubilife city had almost no trees or vegetations, only the skyscrapers and concrete roads filled the landscape. As he headed to the south he was closing in to route 202. The place was crowded, people went in and out, slowly disappearing in the forest in route 202. The threes where red, gold and colourfull, it was autumn at its pure beauty. As he was about to land his feet on the dusty road when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun around to see a young man behind him.
    "Hey there" he said to Conor with a smile.
    "Oh... hey..." Conor said not paying much attention to him "Sorry I'm not in the mood for chit-chatting"
    He took a step away, but the boy's hand kept him.
    "Wait wait wait! Just by looking at you I can tell you don't have any pokémon with you, routes ahead are dangerous! Wild pokémon can attack you at any moment. You should let me accompany you."
    Annoyed, Conor snapped his hand off.
    "Look, my parents died when I was 8. I lived by my own all this time, I know how to take care of myself."
    The boy stared at him for a moment, not saying anything.
    "Fine, so be it. But don't go whining when you'll get gutted by some over-territorial Pokémon"
    The boy walked away. Conor noticed there was something, a shadow without its entity. It seemed to follow the boy. Was it a ghost? That he couldn't tell. He decided not to care and walked on his own way.

    As the road was going there was less and less people on it. After an hour of walk he was almost alone. The dust road reducing the noise of his footsteps, the only thing he could really hear was the chants of the Starlies. They where common birds in Sinnoh, especially in this part of the region. The colourful trees let the bright sunlight through their branches as it was still in the middle of the day. As Conor walked carelessly a noise got his attention.
    The noise that sounded like a sharp yet gentle cry came through a line of trees. Conor carefully walked toward the noises and hid behind a few bushes. A young shinx was trying to climb up an tree to get the berries. He was playful; even if it never managed to climb up it did a sound that seemed like laughter and tried again. Conor found the pokémon interesting, thinking it could have potential as his first pokémon. He payed attention at the tree and examined the berries. He quickly recognized them. They where oran berries, comon, medium sized round blue berries. Their flavor was a mix of dry, spicy, bitter and sour flavors, creating a mix of flavors that energized pokémon, at the point where they are sometimes used to heal minor wounds. It was no wonder why the shinx showed interest into them. He opened his backpack and checked a pocket where he held a few berries. He kept them as a snack, but he wouldn't say no to the occasion of using them to catch his first pokémon. He took an oran berry he had in it, and gently threw it toward Shinx, trying not to scare it away. The pokémon glanced at the berry. With a smile it jumped toward it, taking a bite and eating it happily, loving the taste. Without hesitating Conor jumped toward it, putting the net around it, holding it to the ground. The trapped Shinx whined, terrified from his sudden capture.
    "Hey, calm down! I don't want to hurt you, I only want to be your friend, I just needed to capture you," Conor quickly said trying to find a way to calm it down
    Yet it was pointless. Shinx kept crying for help.

    Conor felt his heart beating fast as a roar broke through the pokémon's sharp cries.
    Conor spun around to see to large beast staring at him. He recognized the pokémon's evolved form, Luxray, and by the way it was reacting, he could tell he just had tried to capture its youth. From the few he knew about them, he knew that they were extremely protective toward their youth. At this point, he had two choices; backing off, or getting turned into a little pile of blood and flesh by the pokémon. He let go of Shinx and held his hands before him.
    "Hold on there. I wasn't trying to hurt it. I-I mean I wanted to capture it but it wasn't to do wrong, I promise!" he said taking a few steps backward.
    Luxray stared at him as he talked with a long groan. As he finished his phrase, it seemed more angry, making louder groans and starting to walk toward him. Luxray then broke into a rush. Well aware he would have no chances to defend himself against it, he dashed toward a bunch of trees and bushes, slowly moving behind them to get away unseen. Yet, he made a mistake. Luxrays were able to see through nearly anything to see beings hid behind them. As he was lying his back against a tree, a claw violently hit the tree, missing his face a few inches. A large carving remained on the tree, sparkles left on it. He turned around to see that the beast had found him. He tried turning his back to it to run, but the beast jumped toward him and pinned him to the ground.

    Trying to get it off him, he threw a wild punch. Luxray let off a groan of pain as the fist hit its face, but as Conor threw a second punch, it dodged it away and bit Conor's arm to keep it from moving. As its claw dug into his flesh, a powerful shock went through his whole body. He felt like he had been hit by the thunder itself. Luxray let go of his arm. It was bleeding heavily, dripping all over him. The pokémon raised a paw, about to slash his face with its claw. As it was about to finish him, a flame passed over them. Taken by surprise, Luxray jumped off Conor, trying to find out what just happened. A blurry figure jumped from a tree branch to another. As his bleeding hand was sever, Conor's vision was fading to black, yet he could see the silhouette of his savior. It was a black, feminine silouette, yet while its all black body had the proportions of a woman, its face looked animal. Then, it turned into a dragon. The dragon, that seemed to come out of nowhere, roared toward Luxray. As the beast was twice its size, Luxray backed off, going back to its youth. Conor saw the dragon turning back into the woman - or was it a woman - he had saw earlier, before his vision turned to black, yet before he lost consiousness, he heard voices that seemed to make a painful echo inside his mind.
    "Good job Zara, you scared it away. Now lets see how he... damnit he's been wounded badly. Help me carrying him, we're heading to the center as quick as possible!"

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