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    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter two: Your time is running out


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     A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter two: Your time is running out Empty A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare - Chapter two: Your time is running out

    Post  Macsterstudios on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:10 pm

    ATBSF S1C2
    WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This series contain strong mature material, including intense violence, shocking scenes and may also contain very suggestive themes. If such things would not be appropriate for you, please refrain from reading this series, nobody's forcing you, its your own choice. While this series is created by me, it is based on the series Pokémon, which belongs to Creatures Inc., Game Freak, and Nintendo. This series is fan-based and is not intended for commerical purpose. I do not claim any rights on the Pokémon franchise itself. I do NOT authorize anyone to make work (may it be a text or artwork) based upon this series (for exemple, using the plot concept or the original characters) UNLESS they get clear authorization from me beforehand. If you want to contribute to this series, please ask me beforehand, I would be glad to accept help. If you want to show this to others, give them the link and make it clear that I'm the author: don't claim its your own. Stealing isn't cool. Thank you.

    A Trainer's Blood-Stained Fate
    Season one: When your dream becomes your nightmare
    Chapter two: Your time is running out

    "Beep... beep... beep... beep..."

    "We're about to lose him!"
    "Quick get the defibrillators!"
    "Heartbeat is unstable, he lost too much blood!"

    "Beep... B-"

    "His heartbeat stopped!"
    "Damnit, get that damn defibrilator already!"
    "But electricity's what's got him in this case..."
    "I don't care! Do it or let him die!"
    "Y-yes ma'am!"


    A crude mixture of pain, panic and fear pinned him down as he blinked. In his black faded sight he could see the white walls of the room. He shook his head. The headache was unbearable.
    "Welcome back to the world of the living!" a familiar voice said.
    Conor looked at his left. He realized he was in an hospital bed, a bandage around his arm. A boy was sitting by the bedside. He recognized the boy he came across with at route 202.
    "H-how much... time..." he managed to let out through the pain.
    "A whole damn day! You really got teared apart there!"
    Conor look down at himself, confused, and worried at the same time about himself.
    "I don't remember what happened..."
    "You got attacked by a Luxray. The thing bit your arm to the bone. Usually such things doesn't make you go in such a bad state as yours but... Luxrays have the habit of letting electricity flow through your whole body once they get to land their teeth on you. Real nasty. You're lucky I was there to help you out."
    Conor felt ashamed. That boy was here to help him out at first, yet he rejected him, and now he saved his life. He owed him.
    "But why did you save me... you could have just left me here."
    "Hey, its my duty to help the newbies," he answered on a friendly tone. "By the way, I'm Tosh."
    He held out his hand toward Conor to shake.
    "Conor" he smiled, shaking his hand.

    Conor groaned in pain as the headache came back. The vision came back through his eyes. He saw the egg again.
    "You okay?" Tosh asked him, worried by the surprising reaction of his new friend.
    "Yeah I'm fine... its just those visions... I don't know why, but since some time I keep having them... its weird."
    "Visions?" replied Tosh in disbelief. "Well... I guess its weird indeed."
    They both stared at the room's door as the doorknob shook, before the door slowly opened. A slender, young woman came in the room. She whore a short white skirt and a white button down shirt. The white cross on her uniform confirmed her status as a nurse.
    "Ah! Conor Heater. Glad to see you are awake! You were in a critical state, but thanks to our doctors we managed to bring you back to health. You should have been able to restore now, you can leave the emergency room. If you need a place to stay for the night, please head to the lobby, every pokémon center offers rooms for trainers on their journey, its a free service."
    She spoke in a sweet, soothing tone. Her silk-smooth hair going down to her waist, with the sides going down on her shoulders. She bowed down before them before leaving the room. Conor got up, putting back his normal clothes on. He made sure his medium long, brown hair looked ok and took his backpack.
    "Well, I'll be on my way Tosh, maybe we'll meet again."
    "Yup, and while you're gone I'll be busy with some... things," he said with a grin.
    "Hahaha, she's way out of your reach dude" he laughed, before leaving the center.

    He had bought a city map. He had been brought to Sandgem city, which was where he was heading to in the first time. The local pokémon research center wasn't too far. Despite being a small town, the Sandgem laboratory was the most important in Sinnoh. He walked through a few city blocks. The place was nothing like Jubilife. Green grass, tall trees, the flying-type pokémon signing. That was a lively and friendly little city. For some reason he thought he would have preffered to live here instead of being in Jubilife. Big towns maybe had some neat places, they where also the towns with the poorest downtowns. The people who weren't lucky enough - like him - to afford a good place had to end up in small houses eating krackers and bagels 365 days a year. Everything in Sandgem seemed to be peaceful. The kids running free in the streets, playing, not afraid of people with bad intents who could come around. Sure there was some less recommendable places in town just like in Jubilife, but it wasn't as bad. After a few minutes of walk he came by a large house, with an oversized antenna on the room. No doubt, it was it. As he was closing in to it, he saw an old man going out of the building, locking the door behind him. The sunset was pink in the sky, obviously it was gonna get late, and the researchers were about to head home. He ran toward the man, wanting not to miss his chance to get his first Pokémon.
    "Excuse me sir, I know I'm a bit late, but I'm here for my Pokémon. Do you know if I can get to talk with Prof. Rowan?"
    The man stared at Conor. He had short white hair, with a clean moustache. He was wearing a grey sleave-less jacket, with a white shirt under it and a blue tie.
    "This is him, and I have the regret to announce you that I gave out the last pokémon I had, a Piplup, just a few hours ago."

    Conor's heart felt like it had been crush with a sledgehammer. If he hadn't tried to catch the Shinx, he would have been there on time. It was his fault.
    "Oh... I see..." said Conor, looking away. To him, it was just as if he had wasted his time. All of that had been for nothing.
    "Now wait a minute, I might have something for you." Rowan said seeing to look on Conor's face. "Come in."
    Conor followed Rowan inside. There was tons of computers around with tons of data.
    "Sorry about the mess, we're working on a big project and need all the electronics we can get to store all the data."
    They entered a room that was filled with a dark, red glaze. The atmosphere would have been worthy of an horror movie. Eggs where lined up on a table, all of them with wires plugged inside, connected to a large canister filled with a weird liquid. He could read letters on it.
    "BL-X3..." he read out loud. "Is that some kinda new project? I never heard of it."
    Rowan nodded.
    "Pricesely. This is a new project we are working on along with some covert up research group, though their identity is confidential."
    Rowan stopped before a red egg, which head yellow markings on it. The yellow pattern looked like feathers. Rowan pressed a few buttons on the machines that were connected to it, freeing the egg. He handed it to Conor. As he took the egg, he remembered his vision. The egg he saw in it was the same than the egg Rowan gave him.
    "You'll help me in my researches. I want you to take this egg and raise the Pokémon inside it. It will help alot on our researches."
    "Can I at least know what this BL-X3 thing is about?"
    "Sorry, but no, that information is confidential. And beside, you don't really need to know, not now at least. Everything will come in time. I don't even know everything about it myself"

    Conor stuffed the egg into his bag.
    "Wait... aren't you supposed to give me some PokéBall and a Pokédex?" Connor asked
    "Those things will be done when the time will be right for them. I will teach you everything you need to know once your egg has hatched," he replied to the young man, checking one of the monitors. "From the data we have, it should hatch very soon. Give it the night and it will be done."
    Nodding as a response, he thanked Rowan and slowly walked out of the laboratory. The marvelous sight of the beautiful sunset had faded to be replaced by the dark embrace of the night. Unfortunately, it was too dark for him to read the map, no lights being open on the road, only the glaze of the moon and stars in the night letting him see the road in from of him. Trying his luck, he walked from a path to another hoping he would find his way toward the Pokémon Center.

    He sighed as he ended up in a small alley. He remembered how those where in his old hometown, Jubilife city. Thugs, dealers, thiefs and such were crawling these dark and places, making them one place to avoid. He had a feeling it wouldn't be different in Sandgem. He walked pass through a few men, all of them wearing hoods. His body shivered in anxiety as he knew none of those men had good intents. Speeding up the pace, he realized at his own despair that they where following him. Starting to run looking behind, seeing that the men where chasing him, his face hit a wall making him take a few step backs. He looked forward only to see that the so called wall was nothing but another of the thugs. Trying to run away from the other way around, he ended up facing a knife. Sweat rolled down on his forehead. He had the same feeling that he had when he tried to capture Shinx. This feeling telling you that you have done a terrible mistake, and that you where going to pay for it through the means of pain. The man who stood now behind him putted a hand on his shoulder.
    "Hey there buddy, don't be scared, we will not hurt you, or at least we don't have to... unless you don't cooperate."
    Overwhelmed with fear, no word could come out of Conor's mouth.
    "We noticed you have something that may be quite valuable," said the man with the knife, moving the blade closer to Conor's throat. "We could just take it from you, and in exchange, we would give you the right to see the sun rising again, deal?"
    Conor could have accepted or refused, but no matter what he tried to say, fear froze him. Not a single word could go through his lips, only a fast and hard breath.
    "No?" said the man with the knife. "That's a shame, looks like we'll have to take two things away from you..."

    Just as the thief finished his phrase, Conor saw a feminine silhouette dashing toward them. The same he had saw in the woods. Slowly the female seemed to morph. Blue clothes apeared on her body, a badge on her chest, a nightstick on her waist and a flashlight in her hand. As the glaze of the flashlight went through the thugs' line of sight, both of them let Conor alone to run for it.
    "Shit its the cops!"
    "Run for it!"
    Conor landed on his rear, confused about what happened. Twice he saw what seemed to be a woman saving his life, and everytime she seemed to transform. What was she? Something told him he was just about to know. The officer stood on her knee, giving out her hand toward Conor. He took at as she helped him standing up.
    "T-thanks..." he said with a blush, not sure what to say.
    "Pfft, those guys act all though, but when the cops are in they run away like the cowards they are," said a familiar voice from behind.
    Conor spun around to see a friend, creating a smile on his face.
    "Well well, if it isn't Conor Heater. I've just saved you twice, how are you gonna repay me that?"
    "Wait wait, hold on a second, you never saved me twice, it was that... woman... or whatever she is..."
    "Oh, right! Where are my manners! I forgot to introduce you to her. Conor, meet Zara."

    Conor turned to see the officier. Slowly she started to turn back to her original form. A slender, curvy body covered and a thin and smooth fur. Long, blood red gorgeous hair and elegent markings of the same colour. A feminine face, yet canine, with a pair of animal ears. She was beautiful indeed, but those traits proven she wasn't human.
    "Wait... what is she?" Conor asked.
    "Oh, she's a Zoroark." replied Tosh.
    She bowed down to him in respect.
    "... a Zoroark? What's that?"
    "What have you never heard of them? Well you probably haven't. They're extremely rare Pokémon, and are only found in Unova, far away from here. Its no wonder you never saw one, and even if you did you probably wouldn't know."
    "Yeah... is it because they can transform or what?"
    "Transform? Nah, those are Zoroarks, not Dittos."
    "Then what's with the cop... and the dragon back in the woods?"
    Zara seemed to let out a giggle, her sweet tone seemed full of amusement from Conor's lack of knowledge about her fellows.
    "They're master of ilusions. They could foul a whole city and make everyone in there believe they're on another planet... as long as the Zoroark doesn't get hit that is."
    Conor stared at Zara for a minute. He felt weird to think she looked pretty beside being a Pokémon. Another striking trait about her was how silent she was. Like if she was hiding something about herself.
    "Well anyway, lets get you to the center... what's that on your back?" asked Tosh.
    "Oh that?"
    He putted his bag on the ground and opened it. Tosh's eyes opened wide a the rare egg.
    "This thing is my first pokémon, I still don't know what's inside, but it should hatch tonite."
    "That's epic dude! Now lets head to the center, I'll pay you dinner to celebrate that."


    The clock of the Pokémon Center's cafeteria showed 22:30 as Tosh brought three plates at a table. Average tall, 16 years old, short blond hair and emerald green eyes where a quick description of him. Zara sat aside Tosh, Conor at the other side of the table, the egg on the chair at his left. Tosh gave a plate with a burger and soda to everyone. Zara was the first to eat, chewing happily on her meal.
    "She eats human food?" asked Conor raising an eyebrow.
    "Strangely she acts more like an human than a Pokémon, beside, I tried to make her eat Pokémon food and she hated it. Its not like its bad for her health after all, some Pokémon have very similar anatomy as humans, well except for the part where they evolve."
    Conor took a bite in his burger. He hadn't eaten for a day because of his injury and was hungry like hell.
    "So, I take it it didn't work out well with the sexy nurse?" asked Conor
    "Eh... don't mention it."
    "Was it really bad?"
    "Haha, ok, well anyway there's still something I don't get," he said between two bites. "If Zoroarks are such rare Pokémon, how did you managed to get ahold of Zara?"
    Tosh smiled at the question, eating as well.
    "That's a good question. My father's got some well place friends. He have me a Zorua as my first Pokémon. Then it evolved into this awesome Zoroark you see over there."
    Zara smiled at the compliment. As she was nearly through her drink, her eyes opened in surprise, her ears twitching at a sound that was too soft for a human to hear.
    "You heard something Zara?" asked her owner.
    She nodded, pointing at the egg.
    "Yeah, what about it?" asked Conor
    "Look closer bud', its hatching!"
    Conor looked closer. The egg was shaking, cracks running down around it.
    "W-wait shouldn't we ask a nurse for assistance?" said Conor clueless what to do.
    "Relax, let nature take its course."
    After a minute, a talon peered through the egg, until it got completely torn appart. A small red chick got out, staring at Conor curiously with her small, round eyes. Her body was of a fiery orange, with yellow feathers on her head and wings.
    "Torchic!" said the strange little thing.
    "Hey I recognize that one! Its a Torchic!"
    "Hmm... indeed," said Tosh looking into his pocket, grabbing a small, black and red device, with a white pokéball pattern, a green len in the middle.
    "Torchic, the Chick pokémon. A rare pokémon from Hoenn, as well as one of the starters available there. Torchic is a fire-type Pokémon, and the basic form of Blaziken. A flame burns inside its body, making it warm to hug. The scanned individual is female. Known location of this pokémon in Sinnoh: none" said the machine
    "Hey that's a Pokédex isn't it?" asked Conor pointing the device.
    "Indeed. And this seems like your first Pokémon, care to give it a nickname?"
    Conor rubbed his chin, thinking.
    "Hmm... I always liked Blaziken, and I need a feminine name for it... how about Ashley? There's ash in it so it goes well."
    "Hey, its your Pokémon, not mine, I am not the one choosing."
    "Well then its gonna be Ashley, what do you say Ashley? Do you like your name?"
    The Pokémon nodded, jumping in happiness. For a newborn, it was pretty full of energy.
    "Man I gotta call Rowan now!"
    "At this time of the day?"
    "Eh... good point. Lets both get some rest."

    The four of them walked upstairs. Conor and Tosh took separate rooms. Conor noticed Zara entering a third room.
    "... she sleeps by her own?" asked Conor.
    "Hey, when I told you she's more like an human than a Pokémon, I wasn't kiding. Gosh I can't even put her in a Pokémon without ending up with drama. Also, she's a woman, she needs her privacy."
    "Privacy? What for? She's a Pokémon, what would it be she would need to be alone to do"
    After this phrase Zara spun around, giving him a slightly erotic wink. Conor blushed as he understood what it was about.
    "You can't be serious..."
    That last remark sent both Zara and Tosh laughing out loud.
    "Hey, Pokémon aint that much different of us, and again, she acts more like a woman than a Pokémon."
    "Well..." Conor rubbed the back of his head. "I guess that's... normal?"
    Nodding, Zara went to her room, locking the door behind her. Tosh did the same. Torchic looked at Conor, wondering what was next. Somehow as their sights crossed, it felt for Conor as if he could read her mind, and it was likewise. They already had a close bond.
    "Well... I guess it's just the two of us now. Lets go get some sleep, right Ashley?"
    "Torchic!" she agreed.
    Conor went to his room. He let his body fall on the bed, putting the covers over him as Ashley jumped on the edge, using her beak to grab ahold to help herself climbing up. She snuggled up to her owner as they both fell asleep.


    "P571-Alpha report in, I repeat, P571-Alpha report in."
    "I'm here and ready. My current location is the Sandgem Pokémon Center."
    "Good, anything to report?"
    "Yes, it would seem that Mr. Rowan gave out one of her research subjects to a trainer. The young man is called Conor Heater. 16 years old, from Jubilife. He's a newbie, the Pokémon's his first."
    "Can you give us details about the Pokémon in question?"
    "Affirmative. Female Torchic, BL-X3, just hatched from the egg tonight."
    "Good, looks like we'll get to analyse one of them with a trainer. Pay attention to details and make detailed reported everyday at this time. Don't let them know you work for us."
    "Don't worry, they'll have no idea. For them I'm just a Pokémon, they wouldn't have the slightest idea about what I'm doing."
    "Alright then, keep up the good work. Over and out."

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