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People in the tourney

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Point system

Here are how many points are gained for finishing a battle:

- Finish a battle without victory: 2 points for participation (DCing grants no points)

- Draw: 5 points for both player

- Victory against any member: 10 points

- Victory against a gym leader: 50 points

- Victory against an elite: 100 points

All battles must be posted in a forum topic to keep track of your battle results and points to avoid cheating to get extra points. Any battle done before the point system was implemented will grant no points.

    Rules for the Creative Corner.


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    Rules for the Creative Corner. Empty Rules for the Creative Corner.

    Post  Macsterstudios on Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:49 pm

    Since the creative corner is meant for art, the rules will slightly differ for those, making them a little less strict, but they are still there as we need to set up a limit to what is tolerable and what isn't.

    For art:

    1- No copyright stealing. Do not post other people's work without their permission.
    2- No pornographic pictures. Tasteful and artistic nudity is tolerated, by pictures depicting clear sexual intercourse, erection or penetration will be considered pornographic. Pornographic pictures will be deleted on sight and the posters will be instantly suspended.
    3- This is a pokémon forum, so obviously, we encourage you to post pictures that are somewhat related to the pokémon universe.
    4- No advertisement pictures.

    For Fanfictions:

    1- No copyright stealing. Do not post other people's work without their permission.
    2- Use of cusses, violence and suggestive (mature) themes are tolerated if not judged excessive, but if your fanfiction contains such material, you have to include a warning message AT THE BEGGINING of your fanfiction (and every post of it) to warn people. This is done to prevent people who would be sensitive to such content from being offended and will give them a fair warning.
    3- Lemon/Lime fanfiction (slange term for fanfictions with sexual content) can be tolerated, however, you must have a clear warning AT THE BEGGINING of your post that your fanfiction will have such content. Also, we stress that you avoid such content (or censore it if possible). Fanfictions may only contain such scenes if the story leads to it. If it is obvious that the only point of the series is sex, it will be removed by an moderator or administrator from the forum.
    4- If your fanfiction is removed from the site by a moderator, we ask you not to try to post it again. This will only annoy mods, and will be considered as spamming/flooding, which could cause you to get suspended.
    5- Do not use your fanfiction to attack groups of individuals. In other words, no sexism, racism, and other lowness.

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